Members of the Coolville Community uniting to beautify and restore our historic village and improve the quality of life for our citizens.
1. Improving the physical appearance of Coolville and preserving its history through both
preservation of historical buildings and landmarks and providing activities that showcase our
2. Providing activities to enhance the quality of community life through family-friendly activities
that promote pride in our community and life-enriching experiences.


The Village of Coolville was first settled in 1814. Simeon W. Cooley and his brother Heman Cooley came to the area of present-day Coolville from New England. By 1818 Simeon Cooley had platted the Village of Coolville out to resemble the towns they had left in New England.


The village would continue to flourish with the arrival of other early families, and by 1835 the village was incorporated as an “official” town with the State of Ohio.

Over the years the village has seen it ups and downs, but the spirit of the founding fathers echo today.


We are a proud people with open hearts and minds

who care for our neighbors as family.

It is with this spirit that we as a village

intend to make our community shine once again.